Monday, 24 September 2012

Notes error: Field is too large (32k) or ....

"Notes error: Field is too large (32k) or View's column & selection formulas are too large". I ran accross this error last week and it took a while to solve, as the error is not as descriptive as it seems.
The error occurred in a lotusscript agent while updating a document after receiving and processing an xml response from a webservice. As the agent is not dealing with changing views or view selection formulas, the problem had to be at field level.
Initially the error indicated its location in the code to be when storing the xml as an attachment on the document. But attachments are stored in rich text fields so that would be impossible.
While debugging the first thing I found is that the error would not occur at the moment an item/field would grow beyond the 32k limit, but at the moment the NotesDocument.Save method is called.
I did find a field that grew past the 32k limit, and solved it by changing the field type to richtext. But still the agent kept nagging with the 32k message.
Debugging on, it took a couple of hours of trial and error and googling around to find what was causing this next 32k limit error.
After a while I discovered that the content of the xml could occasionally contain large numbers repeating data and the agent processes this into 4 fields per repeat. The xml I discovered this on contained a 700+ repeat resulting in 2800+ extra fields on the form. As field summary was not disabled on the fields, this seemed to be causing a 32k message and excluding this code in a next debug run with the same xml confirmed this as no error was produced.
Eventually I solved the problem by replacing these 4 fields per repeat, into combining them in one richtext field using a richtext table.

Conclusion: The error message is a bit misleading, as adding more than 32k characters to a normal text field will cause a 32k error (but we already knew that), but adding lots of fields to a form with field summary enabled (which is default) can also cause this message when the total field summary exceeds the 32k limit.

This is what IBM writes about the error.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

First Xpages & beer session

After some discussions between a couple of xpages developers, Martin Meijer, Mark Leusink and the guys from Clear IT Consulting organised the first Xpages & beer session in Hengelo (ov), the Netherlands on wednesday 12 september 2012.

The format is simple have a couple of presentations and discussions and finish with a beer.
The presentations for this first edition were by

The idea is continue this initiative every quarter and the second edition is planned for wednesday 12 december 2012 at the e-Office location in Houten (NL).
So if you missed the first edition, put the next one on your calendar. See you there.

I really enjoyed watching the presentation and talking about xpages development and will definitely be there for the next edition.
A big thank you to Martin, Mark and Wim  for organising the first Xpages & Beer

Photo courtesy of Clear IT Consulting