Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"Invalid or nonexistent document" with embedded object on form

There seems to be a problem with embedded objects stored in the design of a form. I recently came accross this bug at a client site. They use an embedded word document object on a form to allow the users to create templates for letters. These letters are used on the dossiers they handle for their customers/clients.
This problem or bug is introduced with the latest release of Lotus Notes, 8.5.3. The bug only occurs when creating new documents based on saving the form after editing and saving the object. Copies made of old documents continue work as before.
An apar already exists (LO65725) but for now it doesnot seem IBM will solve it anytime soon. A pity as the suggested workaround *1) is difficult to implement in applications that already have dozens of documents based on the design with the embedded object.

I created another workaround which works perfectly on my clients applications. I have created a Lotusscript function that will create a new copy of an already existing document (created before the 8.5.3. ugrade) (regular copy/paste is not allowed in the application).
This dedicated document is a stripped version of what they normally use. And to keep the users from accidentally changing or deleting it I have hidden it for the views the users are using.

I have found one other article (by Sonja Schiffer) on this problem on the web, so I thought it might be worthwhile sharing.

*1) the suggested workaround is to work with attachments, detach edit save and reattach to the document.
Obviously not very handy in an already existing application, but a good idea for new applications.

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