Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lotusphere 2011 agenda app for Android

For the Android adepts it is good to know that there is also a ls11 agenda app available. Search for "lotusphere" in the market and you will find the LS11 agenda app posted by Joseph Jaquinta based on the geniisoft version.
Dave Hay also mentions it on his blog.
As for the mix up of names. The app is written by Jo Grant (as Dave mentions), but appearantly posted in the market by Joseph Jaquinta.
It has a nice and simple layout and good options to filter and tag your favorite sessions.

thanx Jo !!

You will also find a LS11 app in the market from Sogeti, a game with a nice reward for the winner?!

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Reed Gesteland said...

There's also an Android app available on Lotusphere Online itself which lets you synchronize the session information and your schedule with the Lotusphere Online servers so you can maintain your schedule in both places and keep them in sync. The URL for downloading the application is available on the Lotusphere Online site.