Thursday, 25 November 2010

Migrate quickr places to Notes

Although the latest version of Quickr has great improvements, we didnot see enough adoption of the tool throughout our company to justify keeping the server running at the moment.
I will not go into the reasons for lack of adoption here.

For a couple of the places we had to come up with a solution to preserve the information stored in them. We decided that a Notes 8.5.x Discussion database would be the best fit.

For those that are facing the same issue I added the agent in a rich text file for download. It contains the agent I created to do this migration. It may be a bit rough around the edges, but it does the job and you can fine tune it where you like.


Note: the agent uses OpenLog, please include this library in your database or set the lines for OpenLog to comment.


David Schiffer said...

Thats great stuff thank you

Anonymous said...

interesting - although the title would be more accurate as 'Migrate Quickr basic content to Notes'. Like you said, Quickr 8.5 does truly offer great improvements from UX/perf/integration perspectives.
While I can understand your need to export the data out, like you said - possibly the functionality offered by quickr was not really being utilized?