Thursday, 18 November 2010

LotusSquash - thursday 9 december 18:00hrs

"LotusSquash". What is it? Simple, playing squash with other Lotus geeks (it started last year via twitter by @zonderpoeha and @drenth). You can see it as a friendly training session open for players of all levels and Lotus geeks of all levels.
It is also an alternative, nice and sporty way of networking and chatting about IBM Lotus stuff. Afterwards there is the option to have a meal somewhere, but not mandatory of course.
From now on we aim to make it a quarterly event. Watch for updates via twitter.
Let us know if you want to join via twitter or post a comment here.

Next LotusSquash:
Date: thursday 9 december
Time: 18:00 hrs
Where: Theo Meijer Sport
Address: Groene Zoom 1, 3833AW Leusden (NL)

twitter hashtag: #lotussquash

Note: @dennisvr and myself play weekly on tuesdays (at the above address) and if you like you are welcome to join us (please send a dm in advance).

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