Thursday, 4 February 2010

SNTT: create initial ACL on database create from template

This one is in Lotus Notes for ages, so maybe you already know it.
I had not been using it for a while, but recently re-discovered this little gem. And although not high-tech, thought I would share it.

When creating a Lotus Notes database (or application as it now called) from a template, the database can get a default ACL (e.g. you companies minimum required ACL entries) which is defined in the templates ACL.
Normal ACL entries in the templates ACL are not copied over to the new database when creating a database from a template. But ACL entries marked up in square brackets are copied accross from the templates ACL to the new database ACL (e.g. [my_acl_entry] in a template ACL will get copie to the database.

This screenshot shows an ACL of a template with normal access entries and special entries that are copied to a database when it is created from the template.

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