Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Interesting reading/tutorials about Xpages on the web

For me working with Xpages is not near what I am used to in the Domino Designer. It is a bit like starting from scratch again using a couple of sources on the web to learn.
As I am probably not alone in that, I thought it might be nice to share the list of sites I have been using so far. This list will be far from complete (only 4), but so far I have been reading (part, whole or just started to) the following sources on the Xpages subject on the web.
And maybe you can add your additional favorite sites on Xpages in a comment and build a full list of usefull Xpages sites (which I will repost at a later date).

- Learning Xpages by Declan Sciolla-Lynch
- The Xpages Blog by various authors
- Domino Designer Wiki: "Introduction to XPages" by Stephan H Wissel, Tim Clark (and others)
- XPages Drag and Drop Tutorial by Jake Ochs

- and of course the Xpages Tutorial in the Lotus Domino Designer /Info Center help is a good starting point.


David Leedy said...

My favorite site to learn about XPages is xpageswiki.com. It's NOT a tutorial, but has lots of tips and snippets that help you figure things out.

And since you ask can I humbly suggest my own site? www.lotusnotebook.com
I do have several XPages articles and most recently I've been doing a screencast called Notes In Nine that are short 9ish minute tutorials. I think I've done 5 shows on XPages so far. The first one which talks about repeat controls is here:

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