Monday, 28 September 2009

NL LUG 09 29-30 october in Amsterdam

The registration for the NL LUG 09 on 29/30 october in Amsterdam is going fast.
The agenda is set and it has a pick for everyone in almost every timeslot and as always it has some difficult choices to make on which sessions to go to.
Interesting are some of the subjects in the "alternative" track which even has a session by Microsoft !!
The location is now also set, the RAI congress centre, which is a good choice as it very accesible by public transport and by car.

The SNUG (Dutch IBM/Lotus User Group) have succeeded in creating a packed and interesting agenda, getting a good venue and sponsors.
More information can be found on the NL-LUG 2009 website:

See you there.

Unsupported trigger on agent after server upgrade to R8.5

For ages we have had agents running called by one central scheduled agent, the "daily scheduled agent launcher" as we call it.
The trigger of these called agents is set to "On event - Agent List selection" and the target is set to "None".
The code used to call the agents from within the "daily scheduled agent launcher" is:
Set agent = db.GetAgent(AgentName)

After migrating the server that runs the agents to R8.5, we discovered that one agent in particular was no longer running and produced the "Unsupported trigger and search in background agent" error. In the past we had come across such problems before, where doing the application/server housekeeping like compact & fixup used to help and make the problem go away. But not this time.

Searching the Lotus Developer Domain made me find a response by Julie Kadashevich to look at a troubleshooting agents document in the developer domain. This document gives some clue to the target of the agent being wrong.
This should be set to "None" or "All documents in application (database)" for agents of this event. Which technically means the agent should run as we had set it to "None".
The first attempt to make it run again was resaving the agent. But that still did not make it run. So we changed the target to "All documents in app" and suprise, the agent runs again.
Appearantly "None" is also not a good target for "Agent list" agents.

Any ideas ?

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Interesting reading/tutorials about Xpages on the web

For me working with Xpages is not near what I am used to in the Domino Designer. It is a bit like starting from scratch again using a couple of sources on the web to learn.
As I am probably not alone in that, I thought it might be nice to share the list of sites I have been using so far. This list will be far from complete (only 4), but so far I have been reading (part, whole or just started to) the following sources on the Xpages subject on the web.
And maybe you can add your additional favorite sites on Xpages in a comment and build a full list of usefull Xpages sites (which I will repost at a later date).

- Learning Xpages by Declan Sciolla-Lynch
- The Xpages Blog by various authors
- Domino Designer Wiki: "Introduction to XPages" by Stephan H Wissel, Tim Clark (and others)
- XPages Drag and Drop Tutorial by Jake Ochs

- and of course the Xpages Tutorial in the Lotus Domino Designer /Info Center help is a good starting point.