Friday, 13 March 2009

Working my way through Declan Lynch's XPages series

I am working my way through Declan Lynch's tutorial series on XPages, everytime I have a couple of minutes to spare.
I am about to start with part 26. Declan has done a great job in providing us with a very comprehensible step-by-step guide to create a proper working application in XPages. The steps are very well divided into 10-15 minutes pieces of work, which make it very managable (even in between tasks at work).

So far I find the stuff provided very usefull and a realistic scenario. In fact in paralell to working on series' phonebook app I am also trying to build a XPages frontend to an existing (similar) application inside the company. So far so good.

Great job Declan! Thanx.

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Thiago Pereira said...

Hi Tom!
My name is Thiago and I am from Brzil.
I am new with XPages and I am trying to learn it.
I'm with dificult to find full documentation and easy to understand where I can start.
I heard about your site 'Learning XPages' series ( but the links are not working.
Could you help me?

Best regards