Thursday, 8 January 2009

Upgraded to designer 8.5 - something is missing

Up until now I have stuck to doing development in the R7 designer client. But now that we have planned to start upgrading to 8.5 in Q2 of this year I could no longer resist and installed the new domino designer 8.5 via the upgrade installer C1SQ5EN.exe (all clients, thanx Dennis for the explanation list of cryptic installernames).

But on opening the designer client, to my suprise the bookmarks I so carefully created and grouped over the years are not showing.
Searching help and the web has not provided an answer. So I am posting it to the community.

Does anyone have an idea how to import / restore the "old" bookmarks ?


Dennis said...

I don't think you'll be seeing them, as this is an eclipse based app, and no longer the standard notes client.

usaraine said...

I don't know about the designer end, but our company just upgraded from Lotus Notes 6 to Lotus Notes 8.5 basic. I took the two files titled "Bookmarks" from the Data directory of my old Notes and put them into the Data directory of my new and I had all my bookmarks on the bookmark bar again.