Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I stand corrected, form formula and Dojo Dialog does work !

It seems I made a small mistake with big consequences. And the good news is that the form formula does work with dojo dialog.
While I was preparing the functionality mentioned in yesterdays post for go live, I discovered it did not work after cleaning up (deleting) all the trial code.

The mistake was, I called the wrong view in the "/viewname/docid?OpenDocument" for the dojo dialog. This mistake was caused by the application having 2 views with an almost similar name and the view I called did not have a form formula, which is why it rendered the Notes format of the form in the dojo dialog instead of the webformat.

Fortunately this mistake was quick to fix, by pointing the url to use the correct view.
So when reading yesterdays post, please ignore the text about the form formula not working.

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