Thursday, 6 March 2008

Another blog about Lotus Notes / Domino development

Indeed yet another weblog about Lotus Notes / Domino development. After roaming other blogs for answers and solutions I thought it would be time I started sharing my coding experiences on a world wide weblog.
Now, being a Notes / Domino developer it would seem appropriate to use a domino database for blogging. But as I found, hosting a domino site is rather expensive for a private person, I chose to start blogging through Google.
I do not have the idea that I can do a better job than some of the bloggers out there that have been around for several years now. But I consider this as much a personal diary as an attempt to share my experiences with a broader audience.

For now I have picked a readily available template, but I hope to create a more personal layout in the near future.

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welcome to the blogosphere ;)